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Flowline’s accurate and quality reporting will give you knowledge in vital areas such as the location and depth of sewer pipes and a clear understanding of their condition

Flowline Pipe Relining

Flowline specialist division Clearway is instrumental with their 36 years’ experience, in major pipe relining projects to date, such as the famous London Docklands.  Customer demand for our specialist pipe relining services continues to grow within the Southern and Northern regions of the UK.

During the pipe relining process, the tube is collapsed and either pulled or air/water inverted and blown into the section to be repaired.  Following these first initial stages, high pressure air or water is then pumped in to the collapsed section to fully inflate it and ensure maximum contact with the original pipework.   The pipework is then cured either by heating the water for hot cure systems or through ambient air temperature for cold/ambient cure systems which both hardens and bonds to the inner wall of the original pipe, sealing any breaks or leaks.

The various pipe lining techniques available to support specialist pipe relining projects include:

  • Cold/Ambient-Cure Polyester Lining – suitable for most situations provided the outside temperature is suitable.
  • Warm/Hot Cure Polyester Lining is not dependent on ambient air temperature and is better suited to longer runs.
  • Flexi-Lining – as its name implies, employs a liner made from a very flexible material and is ideal where there are many bends and curves within the affected drain.
  • Ultra Violet Cure (UV) Lining – the liner is cured by passing an ultra violet light train through the liner to cure the resin This system is computer controlled to ensure optimal UV light exposure for the diameter and length of the pipe. Most expensive system but suitable for long length runs where down time is critical.

Additional Benefits of Pipe Relining:

  • Quality finish: during pipe relining an extremely durable coating is applied, this effectively creates a “pipe within a pipe.” The liner bonds applied to host pipe, covering amended defect contributes to a smooth quality finish and no disruption to your waterflow.
  • Non-hazardous and Environmental Friendly: Materials used in pipe relining process are non-hazardous.
  • No Dig: In most cases pipe relining does not require any digging and disruption to a business and its surrounding environment, which is less invasive and cost effective. If the pipe has not collapsed the relining can be even be made from manholes or rodding eye or gully.
  • Longer Solutions to Tree Roots: This is always a major concern, but reassuringly liner will prevent the roots from re-growth and via pipe relining works, remember this is no dig technology and Flowline have the latest root removal equipment known as “Comfort Cutters” (please see Robotic cutting images below).

Furthermore, our health, safety and risk management are our priority.   It is imperative to Flowline we belong to the Waters Jetting Association Panel and follow their codes of safety always.


Specialist Robotic Services:

There are many different types of obstructions in drains and sewers encountered by our clients. These are above and beyond the dirt and debris that are always present in the sewer.

The removal of these obstructions is a core part of the work we undertake either as a standalone repair or as a necessary first step in pipe rehabilitation work.

Our Comfort cutter is one of the best on the market for your project with key features such as:

  • large range of application in pipes from DN 80 to 150 / 3 up to 6“ (inside diameter), optional until DN 250 / 10“
  • excellent flexibility in bends up to 90° in DN 100 / 4“ through rotating and swivel head
  • High work efficiency due to axial feed of approx. 100 mm / 4“
  • Usage also in difficult pipe situations due to creep- and climbing function
  • pneumatic clamping unit permits use also in vertical pipes
  • Only very small access openings required
  • Extremely high cutting force through powerful air motor
  • Flexible operation through remote control via cable and removable monitor • very precise control of cutter through joystick
  • Permanent monitoring of cutting operation due to colour camera with air/water cleaning
  • Great mobility convenience through compact chassis
  • Damage prevention through automatic monitoring of internal pressure with signalling
  • Deep pipe insertion by pipe eel possible
  • Variable cutting tools can be installed
  • minimum downtimes in case of repair through operator-replaceable components or use of express service (see detailed description in the offer/order conditions)

We certainly have the most technologically advanced equipment, and skills to ensure a speedy and cost efficient process. Our robotic cutting services have saved our clients thousands of pounds by remotely cutting out obstructions and repairing defects in pipes, thus avoiding the excessive cost of excavations.


Capability Statements

CCTV Float Services

A Low Cost Solution to a Difficult Problem. More of our customers are making use of our specially designed floating CCTV survey equipment to undertake condition surveys of their drainage assets.

The float survey is particularly useful in the larger assets such as culverts and trunk sewers and situations where managing the flow of water to undertake a conventional survey would prove difficult, disruptive and ultimately very expensive.

Our specially trained confined space entry teams really enjoy taking on these projects which tend to be more challenging than conventional CCTV surveys using Flowline’s state-of-the-art crawler mounted systems.

If you think you would benefit from the use of this specialist float survey equipment to better understand the condition of your vital drainage assets, please contact us.

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Comfort Lateral Cutter

Particularly noteworthy was Shaun & Derek, they did a fantastic job in Cable Street & Old For Road under very challenging conditions.

High Pressure Jetting

Many thanks for arranging this so quickly. The guys turned up to site on time, and with a professional manner which was appreciated.

CCTV Pipe Line Surveying

Please pass on my grateful thanks to your chaps for getting the road open in time for rush hour traffic. I had a positively joyous journey home!

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