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CCTV Pipeline Surveying

Flowline have used CCTV equipment for the inspection of pipes and sewers for the past 16 years, it is the most effective way to identify the structural condition of drains and sewers.

We have invested in the very latest camera systems available including cameras for use where explosive gases may be presenting and pan-and-tilt cameras for the most exacting sewer inspections. We pride ourselves on having all the experience and equipment available to provide the answer to our clients needs.

One of our specialist services is our Flexiprobe System for use in drains and sewers from 100mm to 225mm diameter. The equipment is portable and by utilising a small generator we are able to work almost anywhere. Another specialist service is CCTV Surveys for the survey of mainline drains and sewers from 150mm to 1,500mm in diameter, the cameras are transported on a powered tractor to enable long lengths of pipe or sewer to be surveyed. All of our camera operators are highly qualified and carry the Water Industry Certificate for pipe defect classification. Quality controlled condition reports and drawings are provided after every survey these reports include recommendations on defect repairs where necessary.

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Many thanks for arranging this so quickly. The guys turned up to site on time, and with a professional manner which was appreciated.